Guidance® UTI Associated with a 13.7% Reduction in Hospitalization

The health care industry is focused more than ever on reducing hospital visits and admissions. Results from a new study by Pathnostics®titled “Utilization of M-PCR and P-AST™ for Diagnosis and Management of Urinary Tract Infections in Home-Based Primary Care,” published in JOJ Urology and Nephrology, an open access and peer-reviewed international journal, revealed a 13.7 percent reduction in hospital admissions and emergency department (ED) visits from patients who were treated for urinary tract infections (UTIs) based on results from the company’s advanced Guidance® UTI test compared to those treated based on standard urine culture results.  

Each Non-hospitalized Patient Saves the Healthcare System $64,000

The findings are based on an observational, retrospective study comprised of 66,383 patients seen for possible UTIs by house-call primary care providers. The group of patients treated based on the Guidance® UTI test results (N=31,967) was associated with a 13.7 percent decrease in hospital admissions and/or ED visits when compared to the group who utilized the standard urine culture testing (N=34,414) (p value = 0.003).  Additional and separate studies reveal that averting hospital utilization achieves approximately $64,000 of savings per patient.  


The study results can be viewed in its entirety on the JOJ Urology and Nephrology website: 






About the Cost of UTIs 

UTIs are the second most common infection in geriatric populations, accounting for 10.5 million office visits and 3 million ED visits in the U.S. annually, costing $3.5B in 2007.  


About the Guidance® UTI Test 

The proprietary, patented Guidance® UTI test simultaneously diagnoses and guides antibiotic treatment for complex, recurring UTIs. It is the only test in the market to offer molecular technology combining genotyping and phenotypingcombining rapid turnaround time with the highest level of diagnostic sensitivity and specificity, and enabling physicians to simultaneously diagnose and guide antibiotic treatment, reducing empiric therapy. Since launching its Guidance® UTI test in 2016, Pathnostics® has performed nearly 200,000 patient tests on behalf of more than 750 providers, including many of the nation’s top urology practices.   

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