Tennessee Urology Associates, Tennessee’s premier urologic health care specialists, began providing GUIDANCE testing to their patients on July 23, 2018.
GUIDANCE was previously available only through the Pathnostics laboratory in Irvine, California. Performance of GUIDANCE at Tennessee Urology Associates will allow a more rapid turnaround time, enabling initiation of treatment sooner.
GUIDANCE is a suite of rapid novel urine tests for diagnosis and management of:

• urinary tract infections (UTIs)

• interstitial cystitis

• prostatitis


Effective treatment of these conditions can be confounded by polymicrobial infections and antibiotic resistance. At least 39% of UTIs may be polymicrobial, and antibiotic resistance is a significant issue in providing efficacious treatment.
GUIDANCE provides the most extensive pathogen menu available for diagnosis and management of UTI, interstitial cystitis, and prostatitis. The combination of pathogen identification and antibiotic resistance testing affords selection of the best treatment for each patient. GUIDANCE offers individualized information, allowing consideration of the best therapy options and enabling better patient outcomes.
A team of experts from the Pathnostics External Laboratory Team worked to ensure a smooth start to operations at Tennessee Urology Associates:

• Dasha McCarthy

• Pam Delbridge

• Robert Embree

• Pattysue Billings

• Ryan Gnewuch

• BreeAnna DeLaRosa

The team at Tennesse Urology Associates includes:

• Brian Jones

• Grace Purvis

• Jamie Raby

• Caitlin Wilson

Pathnostics looks forward to continuing to work with Tennessee Urology Associates to provide the best patient care available.

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